This is going to be awesome!

Wegmans has a brand new feature that could be coming to every Wegmans in the Western New York area. There is going to be a self-checkout feature that will make grocery shopping easier for some. You will now be able to pay for your items right in your shopping cart. In fact, the shopping cart will already know what is in the cart.

People were really disappointed when Wegmans stopped using the SCAN app. The SCAN app allowed people to scan the items themselves on their phone as they shopped and then it would charge a credit card on file.

The problem that Wemgans had with the very popular SCAN app, was that there was a significant amount of people that were stealing things, either accidentally or on purpose.

So, here is how it will work. There is a device that will be clipped onto your shopping car. The device is artificial intelligence that will be able to tell what exactly you put into your shopping cart. The website, SHOPIC which provides the devices, lists out the features and how it will technically work if Wegmans decides to roll this opportunity to every customer:

  • Uses computer vision to automatically identify products inserted or removed
  • Fully transparent: presents the bills constantly on a large touchscreen
  • Helps shoppers navigate the store
  • No checkout lines: pay on the cart and go

Now, the new feature is in the 'pilot testing' stage and is rolled out only at the Alberta Drive.

People on social media had mixed reviews if they were lucky enough to test the new feature:

Rose from Kenmore said:

Tried and HATED it! I’d much rather go thru a cashier line!

Stephen said:

Love this

Kathryn says:

People can't have it both ways. Everyone is complaining that people don't want to work or that minimum wage employees are being paid too much driving up costs. So companies find ways to combat the worker shortage and bring costs down by needing to have less people on the payroll, and people still complain.
You also can't argue that this will put people out of jobs in this situation while turning around and complaining no one wants to work in another

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