It's been a while since Brantley has released brand new music but he's back with a song everyone can relate to in some way.

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"Hard Days" was released on Friday, June 5th, and is all about those difficult times in your life that aren't easy, but you end up better on the other side.

"If you never had hard days

never had a heart break

never had more than you can take

or carried the weight of life on your shoulders

would you feel like you earned it?

would you live with a purpose?

or ever know your own strength

if you never had hard days?"

Written by Brantley, Jimi Bell, Brock Berryhill, Jay Brunswick, and Logan Wall, the song looks to be the first release from an upcoming new album.

Nobody likes living through those hard days, weeks, or months, but there's no doubt it makes us a better person and makes us strive for something.

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