If you are by the Buffalo-Niagara Airport, there is a new hang-out spot opening up this week! The latest brewery to open its doors in Western New York is Brazen Brewing. The new brewery is set to have its grand opening this Wednesday!

Brazen Brewing

5839 Genesee St, Lancaster, NY 14086

They plan to brew 1,000 barrels of craft beer annually. In addition to the beer, they will have food like pizzas and salads.

There will be brunch on the weekends.

According to their Instagram page, here are the hours that they are going to be open:

Wednesday 4-10
Thursday 4-10
Friday 4-11
Saturday 11-11
Sunday 11-8

Another hot spot in Lancaster that has surged in popularity is the new Clarksburg Cider on Walden.

There was a time in 2013, my friends and I would go on 'Brewery Tours'. We would get a limo or a bus and go from brewery to brewery across Western New York. At the time though, we had MAYBE a dozen on the list. This was before the massive brewery boom in Western New York. I mean, the New York Beer Project was not around yet, Resurgence Brewing was just getting started and Flying Bison was using space in a warehouse on Ontario Street in Buffalo to make and sell their brews.

Now, you can find breweries EVERYWHERE. Whether it be done for a hobby or just a low-key business endeavor for some, the popularity in Western New York has really just taken off and there are some REALLY good beers being made in the area.

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