The NFL Draft is over four weeks away, which means we are in the part of the NFL season where we slowly switch away from free agency and an eye towards the draft in late April.

The Buffalo Bills currently hold the 25th overall pick in the draft and many Bills fans are wondering what Buffalo will do with that selection?

One thing to know about general manager Brandon Beane is that he usually wants best player available, for the most part. Obviously, if the best player on their overall board is a quarterback, they won't take him because they have Josh Allen, but almost any other position is fair game with the Bills.

However, teams would be lying if they said they only drafted on best available and position need didn't go into the thinking. The Bills are no different.

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With the holes filled in free agency, there are two positions that fans are eyeing the Bills to take are cornerback and wide receiver. Both make sense at pick 25 and the value is ripe for those positions at that point of the draft.

There is one position the Bills could use some help with, but most fans are gun-shy taking in the first round -- running back.

Running backs would normally be picked in the top 10 of the draft 15+ years ago, but now, the late first or early second is the new top 10 region for top-flight running backs. They're not as valued in the passing heavy NFL.

Could the Bills take running back at pick 25? Two experts who know their stuff say "yes, it can happen."

Both Joe Buscaglia of The Athletic and Daniel Jeremiah of The NFL Network have mocked the Iowa State standout running back Breece Hall to the Bills at pick 25.

Breece Hall was the workhorse for Iowa State for three seasons and had over 20 straight games with at least one touchdown. He ran a 4.39 40-yard dash at the combine and is considered an all-around back who can play every down and pretty good at catching the ball too. His skillset is similar to Jonathan Taylor of the Colts.

It would also help the Bills on a rookie deal with the salary cap and let's face it, they could use another good back to pair with Devin Singletary. Zack Moss doesn't appear to be the answer and Duke Johnson is on a one-year deal who is primarily a pass-catcher.

Breece Hall could be the Bills pick...

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