I am a huge fan of The National Museum Of Play at The Strong. You may have seen me mention them in some of my other posts; my family and I go there a couple times a year. So I was thrilled to be invited to bring my family out to explore the museum again today (Thursday, July 12).

I highly recommend this place to everyone. It's not just for people with kids; however, kids absolutely love it, too. It's the only museum in the world dedicated solely to the study of play. My only complaint is that in all the times that I've tried, I have never seen all that they have to offer there in just one day (but honestly, that's not a bad thing at all).  I see something new every time I go!

There is so much to see there, and so much to do!  It's 150,000 square feet of interactive, hands-on displays for you and your kids to enjoy. You can walk the streets of Sesame Street and dive right in to Elmo's World.  Or grab a cart and learn what it's like to do some shopping at the mini Wegmans. Or walk through story books and meet the Berenstain Bears. Or enter a Butterfly Garden with nearly 1,000 beautiful butterflies, birds, turtles and other animals.

I don't know what it is about this place, but it gives you a great feeling.  As we were sitting there at one point today, we all agreed that it just makes you feel good being there.  I'm not sure if it's the toys themselves or the nostalgia that goes with seeing some of the things that you loved most from your childhood, but the feeling is phenomenal.

The museum changes their featured displays a couple times throughout the year, and right now it's The Design Zone, which is a really cool display that shows you how to build your own rollercoaster, create a skate park and -- my favorite -- lay down beats and put on a light show like a club DJ.

I'd like to thank the incredible staff at The National Museum Of Play at The Strong for taking such good care of me and my family while we visited!  As always, we had and incredible time, and the kids slept on the way home because they had so much fun.