Sesame Street

Sesame Street LIVE is Set To Come To Buffalo
Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party!
UB Center For The Arts
March 14-15, 2020
You can buy your tickets now!
Everyone’s invited to take part in the sunniest and funniest street celebration in Sesame Street Live! Let’s Party! The inaugural product...
Sesame Street
Can you tell me how to get... hello...are you alive...why aren't you moving? Your favorite characters that live on Sesame Street have gone still! The Mannequin Challenge has even hit your favorite kid's show!
My favorite is the caption below the video on Sesame Street's YouTube page:
Sesame Street Wants This Obama Campaign Ad Taken Down! [VIDEO]
The first presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama was clearly a victory for the Republicans.  Mitt was firing on all cylinders, while it seemed Barack was struggling for answers.  Romney laid out some decent ideas that could help America go forward, but America de…
Sesame Street Characters Sing Beastie Boys [Video]
Throughout my life, I've listened to all kinds of music.  John LaMond and I have frequently talked about the fact that there are two kinds of music.  There's good music, and there's bad music.  One of the groups that I used to listen to when I was growing up was The Beastie Boys. Before that I was o…