When I was growing up, I didn't spend my money on toys. I could never wait that long to save up enough. However, when I did get an extra couple bucks, I'd make my way to the EZ Shop in Springville and load up on sugar. Remember some of these candies from the 90's?

  • (Flickr.com user ficusdesk)
    (Flickr.com user ficusdesk)

    Pop Rocks

    This stuff was crazy. It looks like regular candy, but when you put it in your mouth, it pops and crackles. Whatever you do, don't wash it down with a bottle of pop!

  • (Flickr.com user rusteford)
    (Flickr.com user rusteford)

    This was just one of the many inappropriate candies of the 90's. Put this one next to the candy cigarettes and the beef jerky that came in a tin that looked like chew and you were set to start using real tobacco by the time you were 12! But it was sooo good. Jam enough of this stuff in your mouth and you'd lose feeling in your jaw for awhile.

  • (Flickr.com user GenBug)
    (Flickr.com user GenBug)

    These lemony flavored candies were awesome. They came in a box that only cost about a quarter and they would last you awhile. If I wasn't spending a couple bucks on these, it was the spin off ones called Cherry heads. Both were awesome!

  • (Flickr.com user zcopely)
    (Flickr.com user zcopely)

    Bubble tape was great right up until it was time to share with your friends. I mean, it said there was like 3 feet in there but for some reason, once it got passed around to your friends on the bus there was only like 3 inches left. There was always that kid that would take like a foot and jam it all in. But the dispenser was pretty sweet.

  • (YouTube)

    The best part about this candy was the commercial. It was always a bunch of old people who were just sitting around then this giant fruit would fall from the ceiling and they would go "BONKERS!!" It had a chewy fruity outside and an extra fruity inside.

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