Last week the Zac Brown Band gave their fans a sneak peak into their new CD titled, Uncaged, on iTunes. It hits shelves today (7/10) and if you've loved the first two CD's from the band, you will not be let down by this one.

Before I start this, I have to admit that I am incredibly biased. I absolutely love this band. They're everything that I like about music. They're heavy on the fiddle (which I love) and they aren't afraid to give it a bit of a reggae feel (which I also love). They've always been a mix of bluegrass/country/island music with some of the best harmony in the business.

The first track on the CD, "Jump Right In" really sets the tone. It's an upbeat summer beach song with everything that I mentioned above. It has everything short of a steel drum band. But if that's not enough of the island feel for you, there's the fifth track titled, "Island Song". That one is reggae through and through right down to the lyric, "I'm gonna party like a Jamaican!" I can see where traditional country people would find fault with some of this stuff because it's not your traditional country music but I can't get enough of it. I've got enough love for both kinds of music.

One of my favorite songs on the disk is the first slow song at track number three.  It's called, "Goodbye In Her Eyes", and is about the struggle that you feel when you're not ready to say goodbye, but you know that the other person has already kind of "checked out" and there's nothing you can do about it. From "Goodbye In Her Eyes" and "The Wind" to "Sweet Annie" and "Last But Not Least" they certainly will not let the country fans down.

The CD will not be for everyone. But that's ok. There are plenty of people out there like me that love the different style of The Zac Brown Band.

If you love the previous two CD's, don't wait to get Uncaged. It will be your summer anthem CD for 2012.