So today my family all had to go to the dentist.  It was that time of year again and it's always easier to just go as a family and all get it done all at once.  I'm just glad that my kids are braver than me.  They LOVE going to the dentist!  Today I found out why.

I've had some pretty bad experiences with dentists.  Luckily I've found one that I love.  She's great with the kids, and I think she babies me even more than she does them.

So my daughter is getting to the age where all of her classmates are starting  to lose their baby teeth.  She's kind of hoping to have those same experiences to kind of fit in a bit I think.  Or so I thought.  Today I found out why she's hoping to lose em.

As the dental hygienist was cleaning Madelynn's teeth, she mentioned that there were a couple that might start to feel a little loose soon.  Madelynn's response, "Oh good...I could really use the money."

Really?  You're 7!  What the heck do you need the money for??

Turns out she's hoping to buy a new toy and she's hoping that the Tooth Fairy pays well.  Oh least she's not just trying to fit in.  Peer pressure doesn't mean as much to her as I thought it might.  That's a good thing.

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