If you know me you know I love craft beer, and being from Cleveland, Great Lakes has always been one of my go to beers. Yes, Great Lakes Brewing Company is a regional beer but they also have their footprint here in the WNY community.

Big Ditch Brewing Company is located on Huron Street in downtown Buffalo, and will participate in Buffalo On Taps next WNY event.

Buffalo on Tap's Harvest Beer Festival featuring over 100 brews from America’s finest craft breweries is coming to Buffalo on Oct. 15, 2016 at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

The location is perfect, the atmosphere is great, the food is exceptional and of course the beer is delicious. When Great Lakes approached them about collaborating on a beer it was the perfect fit! See how the collaboration came to be and why they chose the name Great Big Steve! Then head to Big Ditch Brewing Company and have a taste yourself! Cheers!

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