Oh, Brain Moorman. You’re a Bills legend. A tailgating hero. You’re one of the best punters Buffalo has ever seen. 

You might have heard about the recent job opening on your former squad - a gig that will most likely be filled by recently-released Bronco Sam Martin. Unless, Brian…

You decide to come back and punt for the Bills?

Hear us out, Brian.

Remember that first time that you came back in 2013? It was EPIC.

Listen, we get it. Why come back when you are living it up with all of your free time? But, when they welcomed you back last year as a Bills legend, it was one of the greatest days all season. The team clearly still has a soft spot for ya. And Buffalo…well…we never stopped loving you. 

So what if you’re 46 years old? Age is just a number, Brian! We hate to pull the Tom Brady card, but clearly how old you are doesn’t matter in the NFL anymore. And clearly, you’ve still got it.

Think about it. Think about that standing ovation you’re guaranteed to get your first game back at Highmark Stadium. Think about the chance to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks out there. Think about slipping that Super Bowl ring on your finger. Think about the look on the faces of all of the haters who say that you’re “too old” to come back. Think of the love you have for the city that loves you so much. 

Pretty please, Brain Moorman? Come back?

Just think about it.

In the meantime, we'll watch this over and over, with high hopes and fond memories.

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