Western New York loves when the region and the City of Buffalo is in the national spotlight.

It's due to the small-town mentality. The underdog thinking that Buffalo has and there truly is no city in the country that is more proud than Buffalo, New York.

It's even more awesome when Buffalo or even a nearby town is featured in a Hollywood TV show or movie. We know about some big-time movies that were either filmed in Buffalo or took place in Buffalo.

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The Natural was famously filmed in Buffalo (starring Robert Redford), while Bruce Almighty took place in Buffalo, starring Jim Carrey.

I was doing some YouTube watching the other day and realized that yet another famous movie was set in Lockport and never had any idea it was.

If you love horror movies, then you probably know about Chucky.

Chucky is the star of the Child's Play movie franchise about a killer doll. It's a horror franchise that sits alongside Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street for popularity and success.

Bride of Chucky, which was released back in 1998, actually takes place in Lockport, NY...for at least a good portion of the film.

Dead Meat, which highlights horror movies, discussed this during a recent video and it blew my mind. It's the 12:06 mark.

The police chief, played by John Ritter, is set in Lockport. Niagara Falls is also part of the storyline as well, starring Katherine Heigl.

I'm not huge into horror movies but Chucky offers plenty of comedy, and I cannot believe I never realized the first half of this movie basically takes place in Lockport.

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