Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... wait, that doesn't smell like chestnuts, smells like... fried chicken! This new product from KFC is HOT, and in more ways than one.

Behold, The gift that keeps on giving, WIVB shared the news about the newly released KFC Fire log. The actual product name is the "KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Fire-log."  If your thinking this log gives off the sweet and savory aroma of fried chicken, you're absolutely right!

Available while supplies last, you can get yourself one, or 5, of these fire logs for just $18.99! This will totally make you the top gift giver at your secret Santa exchange. Please note, the logs cannot be eaten, didn't think i'd have to say that, but with something that smells so delicious one might be tempted!

Don't wait! Order yours right here:




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