For close to 50 years, Bagel Jay’s was one of the top spots to get a New York City-style bagel in Western New York. When their doors suddenly closed a couple of weeks ago, their loyal customers were shocked and saddened by the news. 

Where were Buffalo-area bagel lovers going to go to grab their weekly dozen bagels, their morning breakfast sandwiches, and meet their friends for coffee now?

Although plenty of Buffalo bagel lovers are rightfully bummed by Bagel Jay’s closing, they won’t be left hanging completely. A popular chain will be moving into their three former locations - and trust us, they might have your new favorite bagel on the menu. 

Bagel Jay's Buffalo

Bruegger’s Bagels Opening Soon In Buffalo, New York

For The First Time, Bruegger’s Bagels will have a presence in Buffalo, opening where Bagel Jay’s used to be on Delaware Ave. in North Buffalo, Harlem Plaza in Buffalo, and Plaza Drive in Williamsville. 

Founded in 1983 right down the thruway in Troy, New York, Bruegger’s is known for their New York-style boiled bagels (available in 14 flavors) and nearly a dozen varieties of cream cheese made in Vermont.

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Today, you can find one of Bruegger’s Bagels 190+ locations nationwide, so it’s hard to believe that Buffalo - a city that is known for its love of good food - is just getting a taste of Bruegger’s for the first time! 

Bruegger's Bagels
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Buffalo - Here’s Why You Should Try Bruegger’s Bagels

Buffalo bagel connoisseurs, have no fear! 

As someone who has wolfed down dozens of Bruegger’s Bagels over the years (they’ve had several locations in the Rochester area for quite some time), I can promise you that their new spots in Buffalo will live up to your bagel snobbery. 

When you stop by Bruegger's for the first time, you'll quickly realize that they bake their bagels fresh on-site every morning (Just like Bagel Jay's used to). And *fun fact*; you might see a familiar face while you're there! (All former Bagel Jay’s employees were given the option to stay on and work for Bruegger’s.)

Now, the only thing to do is to choose from the massive variety of bagels, toppings, sandwich styles, and flavors of cream cheese...

The Best Things To Order At Bruegger’s Bagels

Thank you, Bagel Jay's, for so many memories and delicious bites over the years here in Western New York.

If you miss Bagel Jay's too but are understandingly skeptical of Bruegger's, try starting off with one of these 10 dependable delicacies the first time you visit one of their new locations. We guarantee you'll be back on the Buffalo bagel bandwagon in no time.

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