Flying all the time takes a certain type of person. You either love flying or you hate it.

Let's be honest, flying can be a giant pain in the you know what. If it's an early morning flight (5-7 am) then you have to get up obnoxiously early, just to make sure you get to the airport in time to get through TSA, which depending on the time of day, can take a while.

Once you're through TSA, then you may have more time to kill, which means time spent looking at your phone and contending with other passengers who are also in the same boat of wanting to be over with the process of flying.

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That means what an airport has to offer is very important to a traveler. What restaurants, stores or other activities an airport has can make or break a traveler's experience.

The Buffalo airport is unique in that it's one of the quickest TSA lines in the country and typically has little foot traffic, compared to other major airports such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta or Baltimore.

However, there is also the running jokes that there aren't many things to do at the Buffalo airport. Let's be honest, there aren't many places to go to inside of it.

Trainwreck Sports is having their own Buffalo bracket, where people can vote on matchups of 'Buffalo themed things,' and one of the latest matchups is Buffalo Eats vs. the Buffalo Airport (early access airport).

Buffalo Eats said, "please don't lose to the world's most boring airport."

It's cool to have less foot traffic and easier access past TSA, but I agree that Buffalo's airport doesn't have nearly enough inside of it.

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