When trying to pick Buffalo’s best culinary export, it’s hard to choose just once. We’re obviously known for our wings. Our pizza is the best pizza out there and we’ll fight you on it. Even our fast food reigns supreme (we’re looking at you, Mighty Taco). 

Well, according to a new survey, Buffalo is one of the best at a tried and true happy hour favorite - beer.

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Craft Beer Is Big In Buffalo

Americans sure do love their beer, just like we do in Buffalo. The craft beer scene in particular is exploding, with the number of breweries across the country tripling over the past ten years. 

The Buffalo area is no exception. With popular crowd loving breweries like Community Beer Works and Big Ditch to bottle shops like Fattey Beer, Buffalo seems to be at the forefront of the craft beer scene. 

Buffalo Named One Of The Best Beer Cities In The US

A new study from the real estate company Clever agrees. They’ve named Buffalo, New York one of the best beer cities in America. Out of 50 major markets, the beer-loving Nickel City sits at #15 on their list of 2023’s Best Beer Cities In The US. 

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(For the record, the closest New York State city on the list is the Big Apple, and that was way down at #37).

To determine Buffalo’s score, Clever analyzed data collected from sources like Google Trends, the US Census, Yelp, and Numbeo.

Why Is Buffalo One Of The Top Beer Cities In America?

If you’re a beer drinking Buffalonian, you probably think that our high ranking is obvious. But what exactly makes Buffalo one of the best beer cities?

Buffalo Has More Breweries Than Most Cities

We’re well aware that the Buffalo area is packed with craft breweries. But did you know that we have more than 77% of US cities? There are 2.3 breweries in Buffalo for every 100,000 people. Buffalo Has Tons Of Bars

In addition to breweries, Buffalo also has more than enough places for you to wet your whistle. Our city boasts 28 bars per 100,000 residents - that’s nearly 50% more than the average city on Clever’s list.

Buffalo Loves To Search For Beer

We are so obsessed with beer in Buffalo, it dominates the Internet. Buffalonians google beer-related terms like “microbrewery,” “lager” and “pilsner” so often that we have a Google Trends passion score of 87 out of 100 - the 7th highest on the list.

Other Buffalo Beer Stats

Here are some other interesting tidbits that were revealed thanks to Clever’s Best Beer Cities study.

  • The average cost of a beer in Buffalo is $4.58
  • The average Yelp rating for a Buffalo brewery is 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Bars in Buffalo are rated 4 out of 5 stars on average 

We always knew that our home city of Buffalo was one of the best when it comes to beer. Now, we can celebrate our validation as one of the best beer cities in the country with the numbers to prove it. 

To check out Clever’s full list of 2023’s Best Beer Cities In The US, click here

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