It was quite the past week for some of the biggest sports villains in Western New York history.

First the chosen one, actually number two overall, Jack Eichel returned to Buffalo after being traded to Las Vegas before the season and had not so nice things to say about the Buffalo Sabre fans.

Then Tom Brady announced he is un-retiring after just 41 days and is coming back to the NFL to try and win another Super Bowl down in Tampa Bay. With Brady back, a lot of Bill Mafia members were thinking about football which brought up Cris Collinsworth, Jon Bon Jovi, and of course Bill Belichick.

Since March Madness is here, we thought we would have some fun figuring out who is the biggest sports villains in Western New York with a special bracket. From players to coaches, to owners and announcers, Buffalo has had its share of hate tossed our way.

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So who is the biggest sports villain in Western New York? You get to decide this week. We pair up some of the most hated sportspeople in Buffalo history and will let you decide.

The opening round of voting will happen today, then the final four on Tuesday. The Championship vote will happen on Wednesday with the crown of "Biggest Sports Villain in Western New York" named on Thursday just in time for the NCAA tournament opening round kick-off on Thursday.

After Tally Up all the votes, you have voted TOM BRADY as Western New York's biggest sports villain.

Photo Credit: TSM2022
Photo Credit: TSM2022

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