The 2023 Buffalo Bills schedule was revealed at 8 pm tonight, with the rest of the full 2023 NFL schedule.

The Bills will open up the regular season on the road against the New York Jets, with their new starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. It’s the perfect opening game against a new offensive coordinator and QB.

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The Bills play four prime time games, with two at home: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos. The Bucs game in Orchard Park is on Thursday Night Football. The two away prime time games are at the Jets and at the Cincinnati Bengals.

The second half of the schedule has a gauntlet of contenders to deal with, all in a row.

  • Jets
  • Eagles (away)
  • Bye
  • Chiefs (away)
  • Cowboys
  • Chargers (away)

Those include three straight 4:25 pm contests, which is something Bills fans are not used to. There’s only three confirmed 1 pm home games on the schedule.

As per tradition, the Bills released their 2023 schedule release video tonight and it did not disappoint.

Watch it below.

The Bills have to do well early on. They should strive to go 8-3 or 9-2 in the first 11 games…because after that, it gets incredibly difficult. Getting the Chiefs out of the bye week helps but at that point of the season, there are bound to be some injuries.

Bills typically start fast under Josh Allen and Sean McDermott, so here’s to a great start through the month of October for Buffalo.

Another silver lining is they play at Miami in early January, where the average high temperature is around 70 degrees…

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