Remember last year when the Buffalo Bills played a game in London? We found out there were a ton of Bills Backer bars in England, but one country is about to open their first Bills Backer Bar!

It’s all thanks to one super fan in the Bills Mafia.

Next time you go to Tokyo, you may see Bills fans, Bills jerseys, and a bar that supports the Buffalo Bills and it’s all thanks to one of the most recognizable super fans in the Bills Mafia. 

Keita Nakagawa lives in Tokyo, Japan and you may remember him from one of the tailgates last season. He traveled to the United States for the first time just so he could see the Buffalo Bills play in person. That’s a heck of a commitment!

While he was here, people asked him at the tailgates, “Is there a Bills Backer Club in Tokyo?” And unfortunately, there wasn’t…but now – there is! 

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With Tokyo being one of the largest cities in the world, Keita Nakagawa figured “If there isn’t a Bills Backer Club here, let’s launch it ourselves!” So they are setting up the Bills Backers Club at this pub called “The Rising Sun” in Shinjuku,Tokyo. Nakagawa hope that you will be able to experience Bills-love worldwide and enjoy the games anywhere you go – including Tokyo! 

You can find the group online when you search for Tokyo Bills Mafia.

I never thought I’d say this, but now I want to travel to Tokyo to watch a Bills game!

Let’s Go, Buffalo! 

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