The Buffalo Bills will play their second preseason game of 2022 tomorrow afternoon, when they host the Denver Broncos at Highmark Stadium for a 1 pm kickoff.

The big story heading into this game is the fact head coach Sean McDermott will be playing a large amount of starters on Saturday. He made the announcement to the media on Thursday morning.

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Josh Allen will be out there playing, in McDermott's words, "a healthy amount."

It will be kid's day at the stadium and with the 85 degree and sunshine forecast, you can expect a near capacity crowd for the second week in a row.

However, Bills fans will likely not see Denver Broncos starters on the field to match up with the Bills starters.

Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett said that the Bills playing their starters will not impact their plan to play backups.

Hackett is not a fan of playing starters in the preseason, according to the Mile High Report.

“You know me—I don’t like the preseason,” says Hackett. “That’s just my philosophy... In the end, we want to be smart with the guys. It’s a 17-game season.”

Hackett is a former Bills offensive coordinator, as he held the position from 2013 to 2014 under Doug Marrone.

Instead, the Broncos will be starting journeyman Josh Johnson at quarterback. Johnson has played for half the teams in the NFL in his 14-year NFL career, which dates back to 2008. Russell Wilson will not be playing.

This will likely be the only chance fans have to see most of the starters out there for the preseason. Safety Jordan Poyer will not play, however, as he is still recovering from a hyperextended elbow.

Seeing how Allen performs with new OC Ken Dorsey is something to keep an eye on, but most fans will no doubt be wishing for a healthy game with no injuries. That's the number one fear every preseason.

Both punters should see action, with Matt Araiza and Matt Haack battling for the position, but most believe the job has already been secured by Araiza and Haack could be released before next Tuesday.

Kickoff is at 1 pm and as always, Abbott Road will be closed off four hours before kickoff.

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