New Era Cap Co. is giving Buffalo Bills fans to go even more gong-ho for their favorite team. We've seen fans spray paint their entire bodies red or blue. Now, the cap company is inviting and encouraging fans to get the Buffalo Bills logo shaved directly into their hair.

New Era Cap company said fans should expect to see events like this one at every home game.

“When we signed on as the naming rights partner with the Buffalo Bills, it wasn’t just about having our name on a sign, it was about engaging with the fans as well,” said Dana Marciniak, a New Era spokeswoman.

New Era Cap Co. has teamed with Rust Belt Barbering and Salon Co. to shave Bills logos, players’ names and jersey numbers into fans’ heads. They will also offer red and blue hair stenciling and hair braiding ans it's free!!  The services will be available only on a very limited, first-come, first-served basis. They will be located at the New Era Gate near the team store. They’ll be camped out from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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