Andy Dalton had a ton of donations to his foundation and realized that most of them were in $17 increments. He figured out why. The Buffalo Bills fans.

$17 to represent the 17 seasons without going to the playoffs and if Dalton had not lead his Cincinnati Bengals to a heroic, last chance win against the Ravens, the City of Buffalo would not be this happy right now. To repay him--Buffalo Bills fans have helped out his cause by the numbers.

Bucky Gleason from the Buffalo News talked to Dalton, "You would think I played for the Bills, the way the reaction was from my Twitter. I know there are a lot of appreciative people out there after we won yesterday."But, I think that Bucky said it best:

Dalton clearly doesn't know Buffalo. When someone shovels your sidewalk or gives you a ride to the airport, people in Buffalo are appreciative. When someone lifts the Bills into the playoffs, ending the longest postseason drought in major professional sports, people in Buffalo are off their rockers.No matter how hard he tried Monday, no matter how many ways it was explained, Dalton couldn't fully grasp why Bills fans went bonkers after his touchdown toss.

The mission of the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation is to provide daily support, opportunities, resources and life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families in Cincinnati and Fort Worth.

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