The Bills Mafia have been making donations to charities of players on other teams for years now.  This time, it's coming full circle.

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For years now, Buffalo Bills fans have been making pretty sizable donations to charities that belong to, or are of interest to players on other teams.  Sometimes it's to say thank you for something that they've done.  Other times it's just to show support for our opponents.  In many cases, they're incredibly generous donations.  The Bills Mafia could arguably be considered the most generous fan base in the entire NFL.

For a long time, The Bills were staring down the longest playoff drought that they had ever been through.  It was 17 years that the Bills watched as other teams went to the playoffs.

That ended on December 31, 2017.

The Bills had taken care of enough business on their end that if the Bengals beat the Ravens on New Years Eve, The Bills would make it to the playoffs.  And they did.  On a last minute pass to Tyler Boyd, Andy Dalton lead his team to victory and in turn, ended the drought for the Bills.

Along with the organization sending the Bengals wings, fans began making donations to Dalton's charity.  They ended up donating over $400,000 to the Dalton Foundation.

It's something that he hasn't forgotten, and now that it's one of the Bills who needs help, he's returning the favor.

It appears as if Andy Dalton has made a $3000 donation (Hamlin wears number 3) to Hamlin's charity "The Chasing M's Foundation."

His charity is now up to over $4 million in donations, and it's not just Bills fans that are doing it.  Fans from around the league remember how generous Bills fans are and are getting on board to donate to his charity.

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