What do star football players do when they're on summer vacation?  They still play football, only they do it on a beach.  This game was full of them.

It feels like the NFL never rests.  These players are constantly doing something.  We know about the grind that the season is, but the offseason is busy for these guys too.

This week, they found some time to get together and still played some football, but they weren't on a field for this one.  This one happened on a beach.

Why were all these stars together?

Michael Rubin is the founder of the uniform maker "Fanatics."  He was holding a "white party" in the Hamptons where every guest comes decked out in all-white outfits and invited a slew of stars to the event.  Attendees included former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, current Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud,   Bills safety Damar Hamlin, Odell, Beckham Jr., rapper/singer Travis Scott, rapper/producer Quavo, and more.

This party is said to be one of the hottest tickets for celebrities but they ended up cutting the guest list at 350 people.

But first...football

Before this huge party, some of the people coming to the party headed down to the beach to play one of the biggest star studded beach football games you've ever seen.  Captains of the teams were Brady and Stroud and they all got to pick their teammates.

Hamlin was on Stroud's team and was able to pick Brady off to give his team the extra touchdown to put his team on top 5-4.

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