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BREAKING: Tom Brady Issues Statement, Will Move On From Patriots
It is a great morning for the Buffalo Bills Mafia. Tom Brady says that he will be moving on.
In a two-tweet announcement, he announced his appreciation for Pats Nation, Robert Kraft and the entire organization before clearly stating he will not be back: "Although my football journey will tak…
Tom Brady’s Application For Trademark Was Denied
Tom Brady has been denied by the U.S. trademark offices for his request to trademark the name 'Tom Terrific'. Problem is Tom Seaver, legendary MLB player also had the same nickname.
The mark TOM TERRIFIC points uniquely and unmistakably to Tom Seaver and the fame or reputation of Tom Seaver…
Is Tom Brady Retiring If He Wins On Sunday?
I've been thinking about this--I almost don't want him to retire because I want to beat the Patriots WITH him around, not just when he's gone.
As the Rams and Patriots head into Atlanta for the Super Bowl, Tom Brady was doing an interview said that there's no way he's retirin…

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