Even though some Buffalo Bills fans still hold a grudge towards Rob Gronkowski for the many times he and Tom Brady handed it to the Bills during the New England Patriots “dynasty” era, there’s still a part of us that admires the guy.

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Love him or hate him, Gronk is a proud Buffalo boy from Williamsville, and the retired (well, twice-retired) tight-end frequently spends time here in Western New York to visit his family. He’s also open about the fact he was a big Bills fan growing up, and often throws in the anecdote that they’re his “hometown team” when the Bills are brought up during his appearances as a FOX NFL analyst.

The Buffalo native  is back on our radar for his upcoming reattempt at the FanDuel “Kick Of Destiny” during the Super Bowl. 

His first try at the “Kick Of Destiny” last year didn’t go so well, as the FanDuel ad that aired during Super Bowl LVII revealed his 25-yard field goal attempt went wide left (hey, at least it wasn’t wide right). 

Rob Gronkowski FanDuel

This year, Gronk is going to attempt the FG in front of a live crowd in Las Vegas.

Rob Gronkowski Revealed The Best Place For Wings In Western New York

In an interview last year with BroBible to promote the first kick, the local 4x Super Bowl champ let us know where his “go-to” place is to get wings in the Buffalo area.

I’ve never had a problem getting good wings in Buffalo. You’ve got Anchor Bar, and you’ve got Duff’s, which are great, wonderful wings; but let me tell you, you can go to any local shop as well.

Then Gronkowski went on to give a shout-out to one of his favorite spots to get great wings in Western New York. 

Amherst Pizza & Ale House Is Gronk’s Favorite Buffalo Spot For Wings

Being from Western New York, we’d sure hope that Gronk knows his stuff when it comes to wings - and it looks like we were right. 

Amherst Pizza & Ale House Outside
Amherst Pizza & Ale House via Yelp

Rob Gronkowski name-dropped Amherst Pizza & Ale House as having some of the best wings in the Buffalo area. 

Boasting traditional flavors like mild, medium and hot, as well as specialty sauces like “Pants On The Ground X-Hot” and “Royal Crown BBQ,” the family-owned restaurant and sports bar on Crosspoint Parkway in Getzville is a proven favorite wing spot in Western New York. 

Amherst Pizza & Ale House Wings
Amherst Pizza & Ale House via Yelp

Buffalo-area Yelp users have said the wings at Amherst Pizza & Ale House are “larger than most places and crispy” and “perfectly grilled and with the perfect amount of sauce.” 

No matter where your favorite place to get Buffalo’s famous wings is, there’s one universal fact Gronk pointed out about Buffalo that rings absolutely true. 

Everyone has great blue cheese in Buffalo. Outside of Buffalo, blue cheese is awful.


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