New York State has it all! From the Big Apple to Buffalo, the shoreline to the mountains, history, music and lake life are a small sample of reasons to be proud of living in New York. On the other hand, New Yorkers pay some of the highest taxes in the Nation.

Overall, how do people, residents and outsiders, feel about New York? Here are the Top 10 Most Hated States in the Country according to World Population Review.

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#10 - KENTUCKY - We love their chicken, bourbon and baseball bats but Kentucky ranks as the 10th Most Hated State.

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#9 - CONNECTICUT - The Nutmeg State's biggest problem could be that all of the others states are indifferent and approximately 500,000 residents thinks it's the worst place to live.

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#8 - MISSISSIPPI - Birthplace of the Blues and Elvis Presley is not enough to make MS the 8th most hated state.

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#7 - MICHIGAN - Nearly 1 million of it's own residents don't like Michigan.

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#6 - MASSACHUSETTS - Not even Tom Brady could save the reputation of Massachusetts.

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#5 - CALIFORNIA - What's to like?

West Virginia
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#4 - WEST VIRGINIA - This state is so hated residents are moving to Ohio.

New York
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#3 - NEW YORK - I blame Massachusetts. They hate New York more than any other state.

New Jersey
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#2 - NEW JERSEY - Well, duh.

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#1 - ILLINOIS - Meh

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