Well, there may be some very, very agitated Bills fans.

In Orchard Park town parks, it is not illegal to drink a beer or have any alcohol while walking down the streets in town. But that may not be the case much longer, as the Town Board looks into putting some open container laws in place.

“'To me this is a huge quality of life issue,' Assistant Police Chief E. Joseph Wehrfritz told the Orchard Park Town Board at a work session Wednesday night," according to the Buffalo News. "'Go up to Route 20 and Abbott Road on a given football game day, you would think you’re in the midst of Mardi Gras.'”

But isn’t that what these Buffalo fans enjoy most (especially, since they haven’t seen a spectacular season as of recent years)?

Wehrfritz said that he researched all NFL cities about their laws.

“You’d be surprised. Some states have laws prohibiting making laws about open public alcohol,” Wehrfritz said.

The News continues: “Wehrfritz said some fans carry a six-pack of beer as they walk along the street and drink as much as they can before they enter Ralph Wilson Stadium, because they don’t want to spend money inside the stadium. 'For families that are taking kids, it’s intimidating, walking up to the game,' he said."

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