It's not hard to see why Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is so popular around Western New York.

The fourth-year NFL quarterback has led the Bills to two-straight playoff appearances; took the Bills to the AFC Championship game last year, and broke Jim Kelly's records for most passing yards and touchdowns in a season by a Bills quarterback. Allen was also runner-up in NFL MVP voting (behind Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers).

The Bills officially start training camp practices and workouts on Wednesday (tomorrow), but I'm sure Bills fans love looking back on the 2020 campaign as often as possible.

However, there is one video on YouTube that is making Bills fans scratch their heads.

It's the 'Top 100 Throws of 2020' and it was posted by the NFL earlier this year on their YouTube channel. Now, I'm not one to say that sort of thing should be objective because let's face it, it isn't. Everyone would probably have a different top 100 list there and certainly in different orders.

But you might find it shocking that only two of Allen's throws made it into the top 100...and both of them were back of the pack (below 90). In fact, Bills 2020 backup quarterback Matt Barkley made a higher appearance on the list at number 87, with his touchdown throw to Gabriel Davis against the Miami Dolphins in last year's regular-season finale.

The two of Allen's that made it were the touchdown throw to Jake Kumerow against the Denver Broncos (the game before Christmas) and the incredible across-the-body touchdown throw to Stefon Diggs against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Some of the throws don't look nearly as impressive as ones that didn't make the list for Allen and others around the league. No surprise, the Hair Murray pass was number one; much to the displeasure of Bills Mafia.

We certainly shouldn't get hyped over a YouTube video, because it's just meant to be fun, but it did make many Bills fans upset in the comments and I couldn't believe it myself when I first watched it. Personally, I think at least eight or nine throws should've been on this list from Allen.

The throw to  Stefon Diggs along the sideline against the Dolphins in week 2: the throw to Gabriel Davis against the 49ers on Monday Night Football: the throw to Gabriel Davis in the back corner of the endzone against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football: and what about the touchdown toss to Diggs against the Arizona Cardinals? You know, the one that people would've been talking about, had it not been for the Hail Murray.

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