The NFL off-season still has 11-12 weeks left, with training camp beginning in late July. There is one thing left with the "fun" part of the off-season, however, and that's the schedule release.

The 2023 NFL schedule release will be on Thursday evening at 8 pm, but the league will gradually announce a few games on Wednesday and Thursday morning; that includes the international games, which will drop on Wednesday.

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The Bills will play one of their home games in London, so we will know the date and team 24 hours from now.

However, there are other things that fans should know about the upcoming 2023 schedule. One of the biggest changes is the fact that no television network is tied to games anymore. That means that FOX games can be two AFC teams or CBS could be two NFC games, unlike before where CBS games were AFC and FOX games were NFC.

We are so used to seeing the Bills play on CBS with the same announcers, but this means you could see a few Bills games on FOX, which would be a huge win for that network, since Buffalo draws ratings and they have Josh Allen.

Teams can also play two Thursday night games in one season, with no guarantee anymore that every team will get to play a night or primetime game. A team could simply get nothing but 1 pm and 4:05 pm games all season.

That definitely won't be the Bills, who will likely land between 5-7 night games in 2023.

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