Today at 4 pm, the NFL season officially kicks off and free agents are allowed to sign with their new team.

For the past 48 hours, it was officially the legal tampering period for NFL free agency. That allowed teams to talk with players, offer contracts, and gauge whether a player would sign with the team.

In fact, several teams have announced that those free agents will sign with the team at the start of the new season, which begins at 4 pm today.

With all this free-agent activity and possible trades, there have been lots of rumors of players coming to Buffalo that are just not true. In fact, most of these reports have stated that the player was spotted in Western New York talking with team officials.

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Usually, the first thing most free agents ask about Buffalo is where are the good wings. Most of Western New York think that would Bar-Bill in East Aurora.

So as we get ready for the official start of the season, here are five NFL free agents who have been "spotted" at Bar-Bil.

**Warning...these are all rumors and totally baseless. In fact, that Me, has never even been to Bar-Bill so I would have no way of actually seeing these players eating wings there. Take these suggestions as players I would like to see the team sign, but in no way am I breaking any NFL news in this post.**

Without further adieu..Here are Five NFL free agents who have been spotted at Bar-Bill.

5 NFL Free Agents That Have Been "Spotted" At Bar Bill

Today at 4 pm, the NFL season officially kicks off and free agents are allowed to sign with their new team. 

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