The Buffalo Bills are finally going to be able to play their Super Wildcard playoff game against the Steelers tonight.  If you are going, here's a way to park for free.

A winter storm has once again wreaked havoc on the lives of Western New Yorkers and the schedule of the Buffalo Bills.  What was supposed to be a Sunday afternoon game has been postponed to a 4:30 pm start on Monday.

Why was the game postponed in the first place?

A lot of people are questioning why the NFL decided to move this game.  Even former players like JJ Watt of the Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals went to X for understanding.

Even though he got destroyed for it online, it's a valid question for someone who might not live here year round.  If Buffalo thrives on playing in the elements, then why is it that when the conditions seem to be exactly what they hope for, they advocate for postponing the game?

Western New York streets weren't save to drive on

There is more to consider in a situation like this than just the conditions on the field.  If someone got hurt in the game, would they be able to be transported to a hospital quickly enough?  Will people be safe to travel to and from the game?  Will all the extra cars on the road create a bit of a problem for emergency vehicles in the area?

Where will everyone park?

One of the other issues will be parking.  With many of the lots being unavailable thanks to the construction of the new stadium and many more filled with snow that will be tough to clear, parking is going to be an issue.

The Bills have a solution to the parking issue

Those that are coming to the game might want to arrive early.  Finding spots to park could be at a premium.  We, of course will be suggesting that you join our friends at the Wings Meeting Place on California Road.  There is always a lot of space to park, plus an indoor climate-controlled building to get out of the elements and more.

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