Other than the first week of free agency and night one of the NFL Draft, this week is the most fun pro football fans will have in the off-season.

On Thursday night at 8 pm, the full 2022 NFL schedule will be released live on The NFL Network.

However, there will be leaks from reporters on games like always, and TV networks will be revealing matchups before Thursday as well.

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ESPN announced the first ever, double-header Monday Night Football slate for week 2.

The Buffalo Bills will host the Tennessee Titans at 7:15 pm. The second game will be the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Minnesota Vikings at 8:30 pm.


That’s not all though. The Buffalo Bills sent out an email to season ticket holders after the news of the MNF game against the Titans was announced.

The email specified that the “home opener” would be announced at 6 pm this Thursday and that tickets for that game will go on sale…

Fans are wondering if that’s just a template teams will use, but the Eagles specified in their announcement that their MNF week 2 game WILL be their home opener.

It would be a bad idea to say that in an email to fans, but then say four days later, “as we first announced on Monday, this week 2 game is our home opener”…that’s not exactly something the Bills or the NFL would likely do?
That means it looks like the Buffalo Bills will open week 1 at home and have two home games to kick off the 2022 NFL season.

Who would Bills fans want as the week 1 opener? My guess is a division rival, like the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins or New York Jets.

But if it’s at home, teams like the Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers also make sense.

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