The regular season is less than a week away and it's only been a few days since the Bills got their roster to 53 men.  But they are still bringing players in for workouts.

As a team, you never stop trying to get better.  That's what it's all about.  You never know when you're going to need the "next man up" to step in and be a game changer for you.  So when players become available that you think might be able to help, you bring them in and see what they can do.

The Buffalo Bills bring Kendall Blanton in for a workout

It was announced today that the Bills are working out a tight end named Kendall Blanton.  He is a tight end who has previously played on the Superbowl winning Los Angeles Rams and also was on the team last year with the Kansas City Chiefs when they won.

Why would the Bills need another tight end?

Tight end has been a talking point for the Bills ever since they brought in Dalton Kincaid with their first-round pick of the 2023 draft.  Not only did they add him to Dawson Knox, but they also still have Quinten Morris (and technically Reggie Gilliam if they need him to play tight end) on the squad too.

It never hurts to have someone who knows the scout team

Chances are, the Bills aren't looking for someone to replace the big names of Knox or Kincaid.  It does however make sense to have someone who can be on the practice squad that you can elevate if something should happen to one of them and can help out on the scout team to mirror what you might see.  Competition in a position is almost always a good thing.

While nothing has been signed with the Bills and Blanton, it never hurts to have someone in your locker room who has been around a championship culture either.

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