It's unfortunate, but the NFL season is officially over. The Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl 56 against the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20, in what was a close, but rather unmemorable game; other than for the questionable officiating.

It marked the second straight season that the Super Bowl champion hosted the big game in their own stadium, as last year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won in Tampa, over the Kansas City Chiefs.

After watching that game last night, you have to wonder if the two best teams in the NFL were in fact not the Rams, nor the Bengals, but the Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, who played what could have been the most entertaining NFL playoff game in history; a 42-36 overtime loss for the Bills in Arrowhead Stadium.

Free agency starts in March, and the draft is the last weekend of April, but fans are already wondering what will the 2022 schedule look like? More importantly here in Western New York, "which opponent will the Bills get in week 1?"

While opening at the Kansas City Chiefs seems very possible, along with the New England Patriots (at home or away), there's another strong possibility, that one NFL Network reporter thinks would happen.

The team who typically wins the Super Bowl, opens the next NFL season, at home, on Thursday Night Football in week 1. That's the Los Angeles Rams.

Mike Garafolo of The NFL Network says that the Bills are a very likely candidate to open at the Rams on Thursday Night Football in week 1.

Two other strong options are the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals, who the Rams beat in Wild Card Weekend.

Garafolo says the NFL won't make the Dallas Cowboys go on the road for the Thursday night opener in back-to-back seasons (they opened at Tampa in 2021), and it won't be a divisional game (Arizona).

That leaves the Bills as the most likely candidate, which just so happens to be the extra 17th game added to the 2022 schedule (AFC East winner at the NFC West winner).

Nobody else makes sense for the Rams in week 1, other than Dallas, Arizona and Buffalo; and Garafolo makes perfect sense here in his reasoning, plus he's clued in to the NFL as well as anyone.

Maybe if Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson get traded to another team on this schedule, that could bring them into contention, but I think Bills at Rams for the week 1 opener on Thursday night would be awesome.

Predicting The Buffalo Bills 2022 Schedule

Here's a very early guess on what the 2022 Buffalo Bills schedule will look like.

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