The Buffalo Bills are probably already doing evaluations and rankings for the upcoming NFL Draft. It will be held in late April. Round one will be on Thursday, April 27th while rounds 2-3 will be on Friday, April 28th and rounds 4-7 will be on Saturday, April 29th.

The Bills will have to navigate free agency in March, before the draft happens, which is always interesting because many teams would probably prefer to have the draft then free agency, so they can see what holes they need to fill.

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Many fans wish the Bills would take a wide receiver or offensive lineman in round one (pick 27), with safety another strong need, especially if Jordan Poyer does in fact leave in free agency.

However, many draft analysts are projecting the Bills to take...running back.

ESPN's Todd McShay had the Bills taking a running back in round one but it's not Texas star Bijan Robinson, it's the widely considered second running back in the draft class, Alabama standout Jahmyr Gibbs.

Quite a few mock drafts before this had the Bills picking Bijan Robinson, who probably would have been a top 5-10 pick if he had come out in 2003, instead of 2023, when the NFL valued top running backs in the draft still.

The Bills cannot afford to take running back in round one. I know they have a good roster and will be a one of the best teams in the league next season, despite the AFC Divisional round loss to the Bengals, but they have to draft wide receiver and offensive line there.

The Bills have a pass-centric offense and that likely won't change with Josh Allen and Ken Dorsey at the helm, so running back would be an awful choice for the Bills in round one.

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