One of the good things about having such an amazing team like the Bills in a fan-crazed city like Buffalo, is you end up with all kinds of great Bills products.

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From cars to cereal, there are some awesome products that follow a Buffalo Bills theme. After a series of tweets that hit the internets, it looks like we can add a new food product to this list.

The other day the Oreo Cookie brand sent out a tweet to its 997k followers asking for new flavor suggestions because they were running out of ideas. Being on top of his game, Buffalo Bills fan favorite left tackle Dion Dawkins wasted no time making a suggestion.

That suggestion, a Red, White, and a Blue themed Oreo Cookie that would be called ShnOreos are what he came up with, and well, that is one of the best ideas I have ever heard in my life.

Another Twitter user quickly followed up with an image of what that potential cookie would look like. Two cookies, one red and one blue, with white filling in the middle.

Did I mention that this is one of the best cookie ideas that I ever heard of? The Oreo Cookie brand soon after follow-up with a Twitter reply confirming this was a good idea.

So does this mean that the Mondelez International / Nabisco-owned cookie company is on the verge of producing ShnOreos? If so, you can count me in as one of the first people in line to get me some. I can set it on the shelf with man cave my boxes Flute Flakes and T.O.'s.

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