If you are a pool owner you NEED to have this for the summer: it's a Buffalo Bills pool mat. In the Bills Mafia group on Facebook, one member snapped some pictures of their pool ready to rock and roll for the summer, and in the middle at the bottom of the pool is the Buffalo Bills logo.

EVERYONE with a pool wanted to know where Alison Tuzzilino got the decal. She responded on Facebook: 'it’s actually a heavy vinyl pool mat that sits on the bottom. I got it at fathead last year'. It looks pretty cool, especially at night when the pool light is on.

So, the best part was, that it's not a decal or anything that would require you to empty the pool to stick it to the bottom of the pool. Make sure you get your Fathead mat before everyone starts coming over for your pool parties this summer.

UPDATE: People said that they were having a hard time finding these mats, here is the Fathead website if you want to try and search for them. This could be a great Father's Day gift as well!

We did some digging and found some Buffalo Bills mats from Home Depot, as well. Not a bad option if you want to try these as well.

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