The Buffalo Bills are getting some national attention heading into the upcoming season and it looks like they are getting some international attention as well.

According to the website, the Buffalo Bills are one of the most popular NFL teams inside and outside the United States.

The website used search data from across the US and the world to see which teams each state and country were searching for the most. Looking into search numbers relating to each NFL team, we were able to see which are the most popular in their home country, and which have managed to expand their fan base worldwide.

According to the data on the website, The Buffalo Bills are the 13th most popular team in the United States. While they are the most popular team in New York State, they are well behind "America's Team" the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were the top team in eight different states including Texas, California, Idaho, and Mississippi.

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When the website expanded its reach to the entire world, the Buffalo Bills lead up in popularity from 13th overall to 2nd overall. The Bills were the most popular team in 19 different countries including Canada, Russia, Spain, and France.

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

The Bills are getting ready for OTAs and training camp this Summer. Their schedule looks like Week 1 OTAs: May 23-24, 26. Week 2 OTAs: May 31, June 1-2. Week 3 OTAs: June 6-7, June 9-10.

The training camp is expected to take place in July. This year the Bills will be back on the campus of St. John Fisher College in Rochester.

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