It’s always cool to see Buffalo mentioned in a television show or famous movie. In fact, every time there is a Buffalo connection, odds are you will hear about it in Western New York!

After all, we take pride in our community. When you see someone from Buffalo on television, you can’t help but cheer for them! 

That was the case when Western New Yorkers saw Charisse on The Price Is Right. 

 When Charisse got a chance to go on stage with Drew Carey, he asked her where she’s from. Without missing a beat, Charisse said, “Buffalo, New York….GO BILLS!”

Carey asked her what kind of work she does in Buffalo, and although Charisse was skeptical to answer, she eventually told us. 

“I’m a federal agent,” she said. 

Charisse got a chance to play the money game, where you attempt to guess the price of the car revealed by the curtain. For every unsuccessful guess in number, Charisse would still win a small sum of cash, so it wasn’t all lost. 

She was Josh Allen’s number away from a big win…all she had to do was guess #17!

You can stream the episode of The Price Is Right: Season 52 Episode 170 when you click here

Go Bills! 

Charisse is not the first game show contestant from Western New York. Watch how one Buffalo family won $20,000 on Family Feud. You can’t help but cheer along with them! 

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