Have Buffalo Bills fans felt any better than they do right now? Maybe not since the four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl in the early '90s, but to say the Bills are flying high would probably not do it justice.

The Bills are 1-0 after a convincing 31-10 win on Thursday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams.

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The Rams were the defending Super Bowl champions and even though the Bills had more picks as the better team heading into the regular season, many picked the Rams at home to beat Buffalo.

The Bills offense played outstanding and had it not been for four turnovers (two of them fumbles from James Cook and Zack Moss), the Bills would have scored at least 45 points.

New punter Sam Martin did not get a chance to punt in the regular season opener, which is now a very common trend for the Bills offense.

According to the Bills PR, the team did not punt for a third time in four regular season games...that's the first time an NFL team has ever done that since they began keeping track of those statistics in 1939.

Yes, 83 years.

It's so unbelievably hard to go more than one game without punting. It's not easy to do for just a single game, and the Bills have now done it three of their last four regular season games.

The Bills next play the Tennessee Titans at Highmark Stadium for their week 2 matchup next Monday. It's another primetime game, with kickoff set at 7:15 pm -- the first game of ESPN's double-header on Monday Night Football next week.

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