The 2023 Buffalo Bills season is just about upon us.

The rookies will report to St. John Fisher University in Rochester on July 18th. Veterans will follow a week later, with the first practice on July 26th.

Despite the Bills roster being, on paper, better than last year's team, there is less optimism in the national media regarding the Bills chances. Most people expect them to make the playoffs again, but to finish behind the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals. The AFC East is one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, so that's another reason the Bills are flying more under the radar.

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For the 13th straight season, the Bills will be wearing their white helmets, which has been the case since the 2011 season. Before that, the Bills wore their famous red helmets for 25 years. There has been rumors and chatter about the Bills bringing back the red helmets at some point.

Could it really be this soon?

Bills edge rusher Greg Rousseau posted an interesting photo on his Instagram story. It's Labatt Blue gear but also, a Bills red helmet...

Why the red helmet? It might be a simple decision by Rousseau to show the red helmet, with nothing else happening, but many fans are hoping beyond hope this means this means the red helmet is coming back.

Dawson Knox got the same helmet…

The white helmets are a sharp look but the red helmets are something Bills fans have been clamoring for heavily. For the record, not the stripe red helmets from 2002-2010 -- they want the '90s red helmets, which ended after the 2001 season.

Please bring back the red helmets, Bills.

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