It is no secret that the new Buffalo Bills stadium is going to have 60,000, which is less than what the current Highmark Stadium holds. Buffalo Bills fans are freaking out that people are going to be losing their season tickets on social media.

The Buffalo Bills did address this earlier in the year, hinting that everyone who has a season ticket will be able to have the option to keep their season tickets when the new stadium is built across the street in 2026.

Everyone who has a season ticket that wants to keep them in the new stadium will have to pay a personal seat license. What does this mean? There is a fee that you will need to pay one time. Although it seems shocking to some in Buffalo because this has not been a requirement before, it is a very common practice in other markets in the NFL. 

How much will the Buffalo Bills PSL fee be?

Apparently, a 2022 survey suggested that the prices will start at $500 and increase to $16,500.

Some on Facebook were mentioning that there are ticket brokers who have numerous season tickets, who possibly could be blocked from having so many in the new stadium.

Per (Michael) Petro (of the Buffalo News), current season ticket holders “will be contacted this summer” to discuss the situation. The most important piece of information continues to be the price of the PSLs. A 2022 survey suggested that the prices will start at $500 and increase to $16,500.

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