A new Siena Poll shows that nearly 63% of residents in New York State disapprove of using public funding to build the new Buffalo Bills stadium.

Under the proposal, New York State will contribute $600 million dollars toward the $1.4 Billion dollar price tag for the new stadium.

That number doesn't sit well with plenty of New Yorkers and I hear to tell you that the stadium will be a boost now only for Western New York, but for all New Yorkers.

The reason most residents downstate don't approve of the new stadium is that they are not fans of the Buffalo Bills. If you live East of Syracuse chances are, you are a fan of either the New York Jets or the New York Giants, so why would you want your hard-earn money to be used for a team you don't root for?

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The main and only reason you should want to build a stadium in Buffalo is that all the money that is generated by the team stays in New York. The New York Jets and Giants don't play in New York. Their stadium is located in New Jersey so all the money generated on game day and all the taxes that the teams pay goes into the coffers of New Jersey.

All the money that will be generated on game day and other events at the stadium throughout the year is taxed and that money stays in New York. Plus the players are taxed and that money is sent to Albany as well since the Buffalo Bills are located in New York State.

So while your tax dollars won't go to your favorite NFL team, the money that the Buffalo Bills make during the season and the money generated during the year stays right here in New York.

So while you may disapprove of using public money for the stadium, at least you will get a return on your "investment" since the Buffalo Bills are the only NFL that plays in the state of New York.


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