The Buffalo Bills are apparently on everyone's mind as we get ready to kick off training camp next month.

You just never know who and where you will come across a member of the Bills Mafia. Maybe it will be walking down the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Maybe it will be in a bar in the middle of Casper, Wyoming.

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Maybe it will be on the television in the waiting room as you are getting your oil change.

Check out this clip from the TV show "The People's Court" where the person who is suing was made that the other person stated that the person couldn't complete the deal because the Buffalo Bills were more important.

Little did this guy know that Judge Marilyn Milian apparently a secret member of Bills Mafia because she agreed that the Buffalo Bills are very important. Not, her bailiff apparently is not a fan, but we will take the judge as a member of Bills Mafia.

Check out the clip.

The Bills will be back in action coming up in July when they kick off their annual training camp. This year the Bills are back at St. John Fisher College in Rochester after spending the previous training camps here in Orchard Park due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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