High School football officials are instructed to treat thunder and lightning as the same thing.  When you hear thunder no matter how far away or see lightning, all players, coaches and others associated with a game must be cleared from the field and told to seek shelter indoors for a minimum of 30 minutes.  So I thought it was a little strange Tuesday afternoon out at Bills training camp in Rochester when I heard a rumble of thunder in the distance and there was no reaction on the practice field.  Then I heard another rumble and still nothing.  Then there was a flash of lightning and everybody scooted.  Maybe they were already considering it, but that flash of lightning brought yesterday's outdoor workout to an early end after about an hour and a half.  The remainder of the workout was held in the St. John Fisher gymnasium.

It was probably the hottest and most humid day I've ever experienced at Bills training camp.  In a short time I downed two bottles of Gatorade and went for a third but everybody else in the media had the same idea.  I was sweating just standing there watching.  So when the clouds moved in it was some welcome relief, but it turned dark pretty quick and once the rain began to fall it came down in buckets.  It came down so hard some of the roadways in Rochester were beginning to flood.  So I couldn't believe it when I got home I found out it hadn't rained here - at least in the Tonawandas - all day.

I spent some time watching former Bills' tight end Pete Metzlaars, now the Bills' tight ends coach working on teaching techniques for breaking free from coverage at the line.  At the same time he was teaching blocking techniques.  Good to have Metzlaars back with the Bills.

One of the nicest throws of the day came from Vince Young to Derek Hagen down the right sideline for a 55-yard touchdown. The emphasis in 11-on-11 workouts was the running game and both C-J Spiller and Fred Jackson had some good rushes.

Wednesday's practice is an evening workout and you need a ticket to get in.


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