In just a few days, the Buffalo Bills will be back at home on a school night for Monday Night Football, and they’ll be looking sharp (well, uniform-wise, at least). 

On one hand, it’s hard to believe we’re already approaching week 10 in the NFL. As they’re facing the second half of the season, the Bills are still struggling to get their offense back on track, while their defense has slowly crumbled due to injuries.  

A loss against the Denver Broncos this week (who are sitting at the bottom of the AFC West with a 3-5 record) could be a huge blow to Bills fans who were expecting at the beginning of the season to see their team easily make the playoffs. 

But a win could give both the team and their supporters the boost of confidence they desperately need to carry them through the rest of the year. 

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So what look will the Bills be sporting on Monday as they attempt to gain back their momentum and get back on track? 

Buffalo Bills Reveal Their Uniforms For Monday Night Football

The home blues are officially back.

This Monday night, the Bills’ uniform colors of choice will be blue on blue, a combination they have yet to wear on their home field this season. 

Something superstitious Bills fans may want to keep in mind, though - the only other time the Buffalo Bills rocked white helmets with blue jerseys and blue pants this season was during their last Monday Night Football appearance week one against the Jets…

Here’s hoping the outcome of the blue on blue look is a better one this time. 

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