If you have stepped outside today, then you know that the air quality is extremely poor across Western New York.

The smoke from Canadian wildfires has made its way to Western and Central New York, including Michigan and Ohio. The reason for this is the change in wind direction, which is now blowing from the northwest, which is directing that smoke our way.

There's an Air Quality Alert for all of Western New York today and tomorrow, and the NYSDEC is recommending those who have respiratory issues try to limit time spent outside for the time being. You can smell the smoke when you walk outside.

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Because of the poor air quality, outdoor activities are getting altered, which includes the Buffalo Bisons game.

The Bisons have delayed the start of their 1:05 pm start today at Sahlen Field, because of the air quality. They are monitoring the situation and have not made a decision on when or if the game will be played.

As you can see, the air quality is "unhealthy," which means it's not good for anyone who spends time outside.

Hopefully, the change in wind direction will mean much improved air quality by the weekend.

If you have outdoor activities planned over the next 24-48 hours, be prepared to have those plans changed due to the poor air quality in Western New York.

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