The Buffalo and Western New York area is under a BLIZZARD WARNING. The snow and the wind are about to make travel impossible and is not recommended from Friday to Sunday.

The biggest issue will be the blowing and drifting snow. Things are about to get wild as we will see the pressure drop dramatically and take the temperature with it. From the 50's to the teens in a matter of minutes! The weather term, Bomb Cyclone, it what we are officially going to see here in the Buffalo area.

Who is old enough to remember the last couple of blizzards and major storms? I was born in 1977, the same year that made Buffalo famous with the blizzard that rocked the area. Mountains of snow and blowing and drifting snow are in just about every photo that you see of the blizzard that year. Another in 1985 and many other lake effect storms since then.

This storm has been predicted to be a "generational" type of storm and historic by many standards. But the memories of the blizzard of 1977 are still very strong here in the Buffalo region and scenes like the one in the video below are likely to be repeated soon here in Western New York.

BE SAFE and get ready. Yes, Christmas weekend is here and you want to see family. But safety is a priority and it is best to be prepared for the cold and snow that is on our doorstep.

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