One of the most iconic landmarks in Buffalo is starting to breathe life once again.

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According to WKBW, the Buffalo Central Terminal will be in use by 2021, as the Central Terminal Restoration Group is working on renovating the historic building, which was once one of the busiest in the city.

“We hear stories all the time about when it was a train station and it’s really like the people’s palace," executive director of the Central Terminal Restoration Project Monica Pellegrino Faix said. "And we really want to continue that sort of connection with the terminal.”

The restoration group is focusing on bringing live events to the Central Terminal.

“We know one thing so far and that is that the concourse makes great sense for events,”Faix said.

There's still no timetable on exactly how long the overall restoration will take, or what the future holds for the building, but it's evident that many people are trying to make it a lively place once again, as it was decades ago in the city of Buffalo.

It would be so cool to get the Central Terminal into a busy destination again. I can't wait to see what the future will hold.

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